Back style isolation clothes

Back style isolation clothes


Back style isolation clothes

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product name】: back type isolation clothing

technical standard: gb19082-2009

product filing:GJXB 20200006

product specification: M / L / XL / XXL

production process: 45g composite non-woven fabric made of double-layer non-woven fabric + PE coating is cut and sewn.

materials used: double layer non-woven fabric + PE coating. Three layers of strong protection.


[product design]: elastic closure of two sleeves. The two-layer overlapping design of the back strap can effectively block the harmful particles and prevent the invasion of harmful substances.

[performance advantages]: it has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, efficient bacteria isolation, light and breathable. Through special treatment of equipment, it can achieve antistatic, alcohol resistant and plasma resistant properties.

[use environment]: for medical institutions, outpatient, general ward, laboratory and other work and medical personnel as a common isolation, or with protective clothing and one-piece isolation clothing.

[instructions for use]:

Wear: take out the isolation clothes, put the logo side outward, put your hands into the sleeves, fully wrap the clothes inside, and then fasten the tie on the neck and waist in turn.

Take off: untie the waist and neck lace in turn, from back to front, put the pollution face in, take off the sleeve from back to front, and put the used isolation clothes into the medical waste bin.

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