Far-infrared plaster forbreast pain relieving

Far-infrared plaster forbreast pain relieving


Far-infrared plaster forbreast pain relieving

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Far-infrared plaster forrelieving breast pain


[Product Name] Far-infrared plaster forbreast pain relieving

[Chinesephonetic alphabet] yuan hong wai ru xian xiao tong tie

[Specification] 80mm*100mm

[Composition] Theproduct contains base material, pearlized film, nonwovenfabrics and release paper. Base material consists of far-infrared powder andmedical heat-melting adhesive.

[Description] Appearance of the productis flat and the cutting edge is neat, nondegumming,nonleakadhesive,no damage and nonpollution. Medical heatmelting adhesive istan and aromatic. Surface of adhesive is welldistributed, colour and lustre isconsistent, and no leakage on the back.

[Mechanism] The effect of the product is promoting resolution of inflammation, circulation of blood, relieving swelling and pain through applying on acupoint.

[Application] Thisproduct is applicable for relieving breast lumps and breast pain caused by breastcystic hyperplasia, breast lobular hyperplasia and breast ductal hyperplasia.

[Directions] The product is for external use. Keepaffected area clean when use, removing release papers, stick it onto affectedarea of breast (Ashi acupoint). For severe case ,it can be sticked ontoShenque acupoint and Danzhong acupoint.Twice a day, each plaster canbe used for 6-8 hours, 10 days is a course of treatment, or consult yourdoctor.

[Warnings & Cautions]

1. Pregnant and lactationwomen areforbidden.

2. Do not apply towounds&damaged skin.

3. Do not apply to skin allergy.

4. Shorten using time or stopusing if skin is rash.

[Storage] Store in sealed condition under room temperature.

[Package] 2pieces/ packet

[Producingdate] Seeproduct label

[Validity] 36 months

[Registrationnumber] GXZZ 20202090409

[Producttechnical requirements] GXZZ 20202090409

[Productionlicense No.] GSYJXSCX 20150073

[Producer ] JiuJiang GaokePharmaceutical Technology CO., LTD

[Registrant] JiuJiang Gaoke Pharmaceutical Technology CO., LTD


[Productionaddress] SouthJinsha road, Jinshawan industrial park, Hukou County, Jiujiang city, Jiangxiprovince, China

[Consultingtelephone] 0792-6383888

[Post code] 332500

[Web site] www.jjgaoke.com

[Contactinformation of Registrant] 0792-6383999

[Compile time] December 20th, 2014