Far-infraredplaster for gastrointestine

Far-infraredplaster for gastrointestine


Far-infraredplaster for gastrointestine

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Far-infrared plaster forgastrointestine

(acupoint application)

[ProductName] Far-infraredplaster for gastrointestine

[Chinesephonetic alphabet] yuan hong wai chang wei tie

[Specification] 58mm*51mm

[Composition] Theproduct contains base material, pearlized film, nonwovenfabrics and release paper. Base material consists of far-infrared powder andmedical heat-melting adhesive.

[Description] Appearance of the productis flat and the cutting edge is neat, nondegumming,nonleakadhesive, nondestructive and nonpollution. Medical heatmeltingadhesive is tan and aromatic. Surface of adhesive is welldistributed, colourand lustre is consistent, and no leakage on the back.

[Mechanism] The product is effectivefor clearing away heat and damp, eliminating indigestion, invigorating spleen, dispellingcold and stopping diarrheal through applying on acupoints.

[Application] Thisproduct is applicable for relieving abdominal pain, abdominal distension,diarrhea and dyspepsia caused by impairment by overeating, Indigestion and dampand heat.

[Directions] Theproduct is for external use. Keep affected area clean,remove release papers, stickit onto Shenque acupoint(navel). For severe case ,it also can be sticked ontoZhongwan acupoint. For first time or infants can reduce the using time appropriately.14 pieces each time, once or twice a day, each plaster can be used for 6-8hours or consult your doctor.

[Warnings& Cautions]

1. Patients with skin diseaseor allergic skin are forbidden.

2. Do not apply to wounds&damaged skin.

3. Infants within six months should beof cautions or consult your doctor.

4. Diarrhea caused by bacterial infection( such as dysenteryand enteritis) should go to the hospital for medical treatment.

5. Shorten using time or stop using if skin rash orallergy.

6. If you are using other drugs, please consult yourdoctor before use this products.

[Storage] Storein sealed conditionunder room temperature.

[Package] 4 plasters per box

[Producingdate] Seeproduct label

[Validity] 24 months

[Registrationnumber] GXZZ 20202090407

[Producttechnical requirements] GXZZ 20202090407

[Productionlicense No.] GSYJXSCX 20150073

[Producer] JiuJiang GaokePharmaceutical Technology CO., LTD

[Registrant] JiuJiang GaokePharmaceutical Technology CO., LTD


[Productionaddress] SouthJinsha road, Jinshawan industrial park, Hukou County, Jiujiang city, Jiangxiprovince, China

[Consultingtelephone] 0792-6383888

[Post code] 332500

[Web site] www.jjgaoke.com

[Contactinformation of Registrant] 0792-6383999

[Compile time] December20th, 2014